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teslaesque. [userpic]


So I read the book. And it broke my heart. And I messaged my special girl and ordered her never to get captured by Nazis. And then I searched for fanfic. And I read it. And it broke my heart again.
...and then I thought, hey, I can do this.

Title from Auden's "September 1, 1939". His second version, the one where he made it less optimistic before getting rid of it all together. (Yes, I can remember minutiae from a lecture I heard in 2005 but not remember when to send in my rent check.)

Julie/Maddie slash (femslash?). Because, obviously.

We Must Love One Another, And DieCollapse )

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teslaesque [userpic]

And these are all Shassie fics that are unfinished.

Cupcakes and MURDER?!?!. My very first case fic. Murder at a Cupcakery. Not just any Cupcakery: Shawn's favorite cupcakery.
(sequel to Handcuffed to the Hetaphorical Radiator

All of You and All of Me. A dark, angsty follow-up to Lassies Done a Bad Bad Thing, with 98% more trauma. Warnings for this being a hurt/comfort fic written by someone who typically hates the genre, even bigger warnings for those with PTSD/other disorders on the anxiety spectrum for possible triggers.

Choosing Their Confessions. A Carlton/Juliet friendship fic, where Juliet realises there's more to life and love than Shawn Spencer, and Carlton's about to admit it's Spencer he wants for himself.

The Lies you Tell Yourself. Second-person Carlton fic about the lies that hold carlton Lassiter together.

teslaesque [userpic]

(completed works)
I Guess The Winter Makes You Laugh A Little Slower. Juliet is lonely, melancholy, and looking for a knight in shiny armor. Or maybe just a faded Hawaii'an shirt. Juliet/Henry Spencer

A Conversation With Mr Lassiter. So, remember when Juliet tracked down Lassy's mom to get info about him? What if she tracked down his dad while she was at it. (Mostly gen, gay!teenage!Lassy if you squint.)

(works in progress)

And Baby, You Can Sleep While I Drive. Femmeslash, Juliet/Lauren Lassiter. There's beauty in Juliet's Breakdown, and luckily she's got dozens of arms to break her fall.

Choosing Their Confessions. I'm including this one twice, because it's just as much Juliet/Lauren femmeslash as it is Shassie. ;)

teslaesque [userpic]

Just cross-posting a few pieces that I haven't uploaded here, just on fanfiction.net.

These are all Carlton/Shawn fics that are completed.

Made With Love or Percocet, done for a fic request involving Lassy caring for a sick Shawn. In this case it's mroe an injured Shawn, but there you have it.

(its sequel)

So Fills This Heart of Mine. New Years Eve, though my worst holiday of the year, brings Shawn and Lassy a little closer. :)

And Pineapple Cat Makes Three. Another request, for a fic with animals. This is pure fluff. There is Buzz and a basket of kittens and really, what more do you need? Shawn domesticating Lassy? Oh, yeah, you got that too.

When A Plan Comes Together. The request for this was the opening line "Spencer opened the bedroom door slowly,"; this is quick and fun and features drunk!logic.

And Snow Like Acid Tears. Done for a request with nightmares and snowglobes and Shassie, although it turned out more darker than fluffy, a look into the backstory of my own personal Lassy canon.

teslaesque. [userpic]

Of Gratitude and a Psych-OutCollapse )

teslaesque. [userpic]

Of Level Green D and Wrapping Up Loose EndsCollapse )

teslaesque. [userpic]

Of Kisses and CompromisesCollapse )

teslaesque. [userpic]

Of Consequences and the End of the World As We Know ItCollapse )

teslaesque. [userpic]

Of Breathless Impacts and Near ConfessionsCollapse )

teslaesque. [userpic]

Of Love Agape and Psychic BravadoCollapse )

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